People's Climate Action Summit


Join the People’s Climate Movement Saturday, April 29 for a day of workshops, skill-building, and art-making at the People's Climate Action Summit: Resistance from Earth Day to May Day!

The People's Climate Action Summit is the culminating event in a week of action between Earth Day to May Day. These events build our understanding of what it means to fight climate change from a perspective of justice and offer tools for taking action.



April 29, 2017

Noon - 5:30 PM

Seattle University Admin Building (NW corner of Campus)




Climate change affects everyone, sometimes in ways we might not think about…

What foods are becoming more scarce or more expensive? What happens when outdoor worksites are hotter? What happens to people forced to move because their homes are destroyed by natural disasters? How does climate compound with existing inequalities to impact some people more than others? How can we work together to build a just future for all people and the planet?

We’ll tackle these questions and more as we:

-Build and deepen relationships between individuals, organizations, and movements engaged in the hands-on work of building a more just future for people and the planet

-Learn about the connections between climate change and systems of oppression, especially from the perspectives of communities hardest hit by the effects of climate change

-Provide skill-sharing and skill-building opportunities to be better and stronger advocates for change


Together, we can build stronger movements and a shared vision for a fair, sustainable future. See you at the Summit!

SCHEDULE for the DAy

(Want to read the workshop descriptions? Check out the full program here!)


12-12:20 PM:    Welcome and sign in

12:20 – 12:50:  Opening - What is Climate Justice?

1:00 - 1:50:       Workshop Block #1


Room 1: What is Climate Change? Using Climate Science to Power Activism

   Presenters: Naomi Goldenson & Michelle Tigchelaar, MLK County Labor Council Climate Caucus Speaker's Bureau and UAW 4121


Room 2: No Jobs on a Dead Planet: Why Equitable Climate Action is a Labor Issue

Presenters: April Sims & Stephanie Celt, BlueGreen Alliance and WA State Labor Council


Room 3: Climate Justice and Migrant Justice: Building Solidarity Beyond Borders

   Presenter: Felipe Rodriguez-Flores, Latino Community Fund


Room 4: Food, Communities, and Climate:

How We Can Create a More Just and Sustainable World through the Power of Our Food Choices

   Presenter: Fernando Cuenca, Food Empowerment Project

The Far Reaching Impacts of Animal Agriculture

   Presenter: Rachel Bjork, Northwest Animal Rights Project


Room 5: Building Sustainability, Drawing on Tradition

Tribal Sustainability and Green Environment

   Presenters: Ryan & Zavier, Indie Hit Designs

The Beacon Food Forest - Social Permaculture

   Presenters: Laureena Marston and Shantee Brown, Beacon Food Forest


Room 6: Racism and the Environment - United We can!

   Presenters: Teresa Enrico, Yuko Hibino, Su Thieda, Lang Marsh, from   United to End Racism & Sustaining All Life


Room 7: Gender, Intersectionality, and Climate: What's the (Very Big) Deal?

   Presenter:  Barbara Clabots, Washington Women Climate Action Now


Room 8: Future Voters for 350pmm: teenagers protecting their future

   Presenters: Gabe Mandell, Isabel Schmitd, & Bogdana m. Manole, Future Voters for 350ppm/Plant for the Planet and South Seattle Climate Action Network


Hallways: Public Art-making

Join us in creating beautiful art for upcoming marches and events! Drop in for any amount of time. All skill levels welcome.


2:00 - 2:50       Workshop Block #2


Room 2: Narratives: Stories in Organizing

   Presenter: Luis Herrera, Washington CAN!


Room 3: Make it Global: Using Trade Policy to Fight Climate Change

   Presenters: Gillian Locascio & Selden Prentice, WA Fair Trade Coalition



   Presenters: Mikhaila Gonzales & Hana Alicic, NW Sustainable Energy for Economy Development and Tenants Union


Room 5: Let's Get it Right This Time: Transportation in Seattle After Bertha

   Presenter: Beau Morton, Transit Rider’s Union


Room 6: Patriarchy and Climate Change

  Presenter: Andrew Sigman, in solidarity with Women of Color Speak Out


Room 7: How to talk to your Racist Uncle

   Presenter: Angel Swanson, Washington Women for Climate Action Now


Room 8: Campaign Planning: How to Develop Winning Strategies

   Presenters: Izzy Goodman & Alex Craven, Sierra Club


Room 9: Arts and Play: Make a Climate Warrior Mask

   Presenters: Carol Rashawnna Williams & Camella Cooper, K-Love 4 Art


Hallways: Public Art-making

Join us in creating beautiful art for upcoming marches and events! Drop in for any amount of time. All skill levels welcome.


3:00 - 4:20       Skill Builder "Speed Dating"

Build up your activism skills in this fun, fast-paced skill-builder activity! You will have the opportunity to choose three skills you want to learn more about or get better at, and go to a twenty minute speed-workshop for each!


Skills include:

  • Making the Most of Social Media
  • Lies Lies Lies: Spotting Big Oil's Propaganda
  • Lobbying 101: Talking to Elected Officials
  • Working in Groups: Tools for Decisionmaking
  • Worth a thousand words: Visuals Basics for Protests
  • Flyer Design: Make it Catchy!
  • Getting out the Message: Light Projections
  • Disability Justice: Making our Movements Accessible
  • Staying Safe and Healthy: Tips from Protest Medics
  • Spotting, Reporting, and Stopping Pollution: A How-To
  • Talk to the Press: Practice Interviewing
  • Taking Direct Action: Soft Blockades
  • That's F#*%d up! Responding to Racism in the Moment
  • Going Door-to-Door: Canvassing and Street Outreach
  • Drumming for Protests


4:30 - 5:30       Take Action: Local Campaigns for Climate Justice


Room 1: Slashing carbon with justice and prosperity

   Presenters: Steve Garey & Sameer Ranade, Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy


Room 2: Pull Together to stop Kinder Morgan!

   Presenter: Cedar George, Victoria Leistman, & Morgan Michel-Schottman, Pull Together


Room 3: Solutionary Rail - Decarbonizing Transportation

   Presenter: Bill Moyer, Backbone Campaign


Room 4: Creating a Green and Just Economy with Modern Money

   Presenters: Randy Mandell & Selden Prentice, 350 Seattle


Room 5: #Defund DAPL, #Defund disaster

   Presenter: Alec Connon, 350 Seattle


Room 6: Block By Block - Building Grassroots Power in Your Neighborhood

   Presenters: Kaya Axelsson & Sarah Egger-Weiler, Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition


Room 7: Environmental Racism and Solidarity - Taking Direct Action

   Presenters: Roya Banan and Bypolar, Rising Tide Seattle


Room 8: Collaborative Songwriting for Times of Pain and Transformation

   Presenter: Alexandra Blakely, 350 Seattle


Room 9: Talk it out! An open debrief space

   Facilitators: Washington Women Climate Action Now